5 Tips for SEO Web Design

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Search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way in the last decade.

seo-web-design-seoWhen the phrase first appeared, SEO web design meant little more than stuffing your cool 90’s website with whatever terms you were optimizing for, getting listed on DMOZ, and populating your metadata for the search engines to analyze. Search engine marketing and SEO optimization were basically as primitive as the search engines themselves; before the first algorithm was written to spot keyword-stuffing, you simply typed your key term more times than anyone else to get the top spot in Yahoo.

But, oh boy, have things changed. In their endless search to provide users with the most appropriate, authoritative and high-quality suggestions for a given search term, the algorithms and web metrics used by search engines such as Google to index, analyze and understand the contents of the web have become increasingly advanced.

The complexity and relative importance of SEO services has evolved alongside these developments, as the SEO expert’s job of attaining top positions in search engine results (SERPS) has become ever more challenging and competitive.

But don’t be put off. Search engine optimization, internet marketing and social networking all start with solid website design. Building from the ground up with these 6 SEO tips will give you a huge head-start in the race for those coveted and profitable SERPS positions.

1. Keywords

Keywords, key phrases, and key terms are the bread and butter of SEO and search engine marketing. Intelligent keyword selection, strategy and analysis are a large part of how it’s done. Your keyword choices could reflect what you do, where you are, what you love, your expertise, your USP or maybe your brand terms. Be realistic; for example it might be too late to take on Amazon for the term used books.

Visualize your chosen key terms as the ‘real estate’ you will be competing for.

Head terms are your top-level phrases. If you were selling SEO web design, your head terms would include web design, SEO, website design, search engine optimization and plenty more. These head terms are normally the most competitive in a field – so use variations, think laterally, look for an opening, and you’ll be getting somewhere.

Your long tail or tail terms include phrases that relate to your head terms. Get creative; identifying and owning the right long-tail terms is a great way to corner your own part of a competitive market. A few examples for our imaginary web firm might be WordPress website design, e-commerce SEO, ‘Mytown’ web design, celebrity SEO… etc.

Do as much keyword research as possible. You can use tools such as Google Adwords keyword tool, Wordtracker, SEOmoz, and don’t forget the invaluable Google search box itself. Since Google introduced the ‘Instant’ search results this became even more useful – the list of auto-complete suggestions can show you what the world is searching for. Select and list your head and long tail keywords and terms very carefully before you go any further. Read More


Web Design Miami, Florida

The the world of business and the web continue to grow in importance.  It is no longer limited to informational and e-commerce sites.  It has developed to be much more than that.  Now every business needs a great site.  It could be a site that only keeps a brick and mortar store in the mind of a consumer, a vast e-commerce site, or even a large corporate site that controls the flow of internal information.  Which ever is needed, Lighthouse Internet Media has the experience to provide quality design.  Almost anyone can create “a” website, but it takes a company like Lighthouse Internet Media to make “the” web site the best represents your brand. We do this by treating every web site differently.  We add a personal touch and encourage the business owners to give as much input as possible.  This results in a more personalized and unique web site.

Unique sites are great but if they lack quality then they serve no purpose.  How does Lighthouse Internet Media ensure quality?  It is done by making sure the work is done in-house by people who specialize in particular fields.  The designers do just design.  They do not write content.  The writers write, they do not develop. They do the entire project and the results speak for themselves.

If this is not enough then the convincing needed can be found in their portfolio.  It is extensive and loaded with sites they have done.  The most notable thing is that each one is unique.  This is because they were all made with the customer in mind and a focus on their needs with input from the company itself.  This is what sets Lighthouse Internet Media apart and makes us the best in the business!

To your success!

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Lighthouse Internet Media is a comprehensive internet marketing company that provides a wide range of services such as search engine optimization, website development, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click management, email marketing, e-commerce development and consulting to its customers. This is a one stop source for people who have not yet begun to explore their options in the internet business world as well as for those who have started to examine and would like to expand their venture expertise and explore new tools and ideas. The most important component of this service company is the impeccable integrity and reliable opportunity offered to the customers at all level.

Online Marketing

The team constituting the online marketing department of this company is dedicated and oriented in giving the clients the edge over their competitors. Every professional of the team are expert in their area and excel in their performance. The collective effort of the team is focused on the company’s primary goal – to improve the clients’ market share.

The company uses multiple approach in marketing their client’s company by meeting the unique needs as well as encouraging the growth of development in terms of brand visibility during the purchase cycle, irrespective of the type of the client – business, institution, or non-profit organization.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the areas that Lighthouse Internet Media is expert in. Regardless of the number of recipients – hundreds or millions – LHIM has the necessary tools to market remotely, easily and securely. It starts with defining the client’s goals, customizing the emails and targeting the intended customers.

Web Design and Web Development

The website team dedicated to this area works with the clients in creating new website for their business from scratch as well as transforming an existing website to make it more effective. The graphic designers of the team provide the necessary visual depth to the content and modify the content wherever required. The professionals involved in search engine optimization refine the search criteria, add codes and elements that are useful for ranking high among the search engine results. Web programmers bundle these features and make the website browser independent to maximize the client’s web presence.

Database Management

Another part of online marketing strategy is to install a reliable database management technique that would collect data from both online and offline. LHIM has the necessary technology to make this happen or custom design the database to match client’s needs. They are equipped with unique tools to solve unique problems in order to take the client’s interaction with customer on the internet to a whole new level.

Affiliate Marketing

A well formed network marketing strategy can improve any business and provide the best returns that are otherwise not possible in a standalone scenario. The company team knows how to lay the foundation for affiliate marketing to make the products and services spread across different social media networks. This type of marketing strategy provide better input and reaction from consumers and help in making the brand a successful one.

To your success!

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