3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google Adwords

I get asked all the time about Google Adwords. For the uninitiated, Adwords are the ads on the top and side of Google when you enter in a search. Entrepreneurs are always wanting to rank their website at the top of every search, but there are certain things that you need to know before getting started with Adwords. Read Here.

So I decided to answer three of the questions I get asked the most — all in one article. This won’t answer every question  you may have but this should be a good start.

 google-adwords1. There are three types of keywords.

In the online world, there are three types of keywords that consumers use when searching online that business owners  need to keep in mind. First they do their research, then they compare products and then they search with the intent to purchase. For instance, this is the exact process I used to purchase my new Bluetooth wireless headset:

Research phrases: When someone is in the research phase, the person often has no idea what he or she wants, searching only for generic and simple terms. I started my search with “headsets.” During this process, I learned that there are all kinds of different headsets: wireless, non-wireless, microphone, no microphone, etc. Notice, I have no idea what brand I want yet.

Comparison: As I peruse the search results for those generic terms, things start to get more specific. Not only am I reading reviews, but I’m pitting two products against each other. If you were in the comparison stage, you would most likely use terms like:

Beats vs Bose

Beats by Dre review

Beats pricing

Beats alternative

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I personally don’t recommend that business owners purchase these types of phrases as I think they are a waste of your money. These types of phrases are used by people who are searching for an answer and are merely investigating a future purchase. If you’re bidding on phrases like this, try stopping for a week and see if your profits rise. Read More.


What’s Holding You Back From Online Marketing Success?

There are a lot of things that most people would like to do, even if they aren’t getting started with them at the moment. For example, many people have dreams of running a marathon, writing a novel, or learning a second language. And yet, they never seem to find the time or motivation to take action. Perhaps nowhere is this more damaging than when it comes to online marketing. Read Here

Despite the fact that millions of business owners and executives know how important it is to the success of their companies (not to mention their own careers), they only make halfhearted efforts to grow their businesses online.

maketing success

Does that sound like something you’ve experienced? If so, you certainly aren’t the only one.

We talked to others who are in the same boat on a frequent basis. And, we have learned that their reluctance usually stems from one of these stumbling blocks:

1. They don’t understand online marketing.

To some, the process of online marketing can seem daunting, or even overwhelming. That’s understandable. There certainly is a lot of jargon, and online best practices change on a frequent basis. However, the core concepts are the same as they’ve always been for any business going back hundreds of years: identify your customers, attract them to your business, and then start a relationship. As long as you can grasp those ideas, the rest is really just about managing the details.

2. They would like to see online marketing results, but don’t think they really need them.

If your business is doing just fine without a strong online marketing plan, you might think it’s not really much of a necessity. That makes a certain amount of sense, but look at the other side of the coin: how much better could you be doing if customers were coming to you through the Internet? What would that mean for your bottom line, and the future of your company?

3. They think good online marketing is just too expensive.

Again, there is a certain element of truth here, as good online marketing does require an investment (time as well as money). At the same time, though, it’s important to recognize that it’s the return on that investment that’s really important. Any business expense is a good one if it helps you earn more money back in the future. When you think about it that way, working with a proven online marketing team is a lot cheaper than going without one.

4. They don’t know where to look for help, or who to trust.

This is probably the best reason to put off making changes to your web presence. Most of us know someone who’s been burned by the Internet marketing or SEO version of a snake oil salesman. The fear of being ripped off shouldn’t stop you from taking important steps, though, and you can find the right team to work with by following the same process you would with any other vendor. That is, look for a proven track record, a reputation for being trustworthy, and a way of working with you that makes you feel comfortable.Read More.

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