Are We Making SEO Harder than it Should Be?

Making SEO More Complicated Than It Should Be?

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Just read a nice article on search engine land that talks about whether or not your making your seo process more difficult than it should be. As an agency I’ve seen hundreds of seo strategies and have even created multiple seo strategies that were effect, but at times seemed complex, after years of working in this business what I find is that there is an approach that is practical, yet customized for each scenario but easy to understand by anyone seeking out to implement the right strategy.

Yes for those of us in this business, we know there’s a lot that goes into SEO, but I thought this article really drove home the power of using a simplistic process and approach when it comes to SEO, they even include a chart or info graph that makes understanding this process much easier, happy reading:


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Are You ‘Layering’ SEO? You Should Be.

SEO isn’t what it used to be. Read Here.

Ten years ago, an SEO specialist might spend 40 hours a week on keywords, title tags and content manipulation. Nowadays, he or she must possess a much broader skill set and think far more strategically.


That’s because there’s been a shift toward Search Marketing Integration (SMI) or “layering.” This concept is forcing digital marketers to become master collaborators who can effectively utilize cross-departmental initiatives to fuel a rise in organic visibility.

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The credit for this idea has to go to Rand Fishkin, CEO at search-software company Moz. During a conversation with Rand, I asked him whether the term SEO was still relevant. He explained that, rather than looking it as something distinct and isolated from your other business and marketing initiatives, you “need to add SEO as an important review layer on top of all of those other things.”

I think this is a really good way to conceptualize how SEO needs to be integrated into all aspects of your business to have the greatest probability of success. It really helps to visualize these concepts, let them sync in and “get it.”

In order to become a master collaborator and get the most out of your search efforts, it helps to break your collaborative efforts into four distinct areas

1.    Interaction
The first thing every successful digital marketer must do is learn to interact with the different departments within their organization. This has to be done regularly and consistently in order to produce results. The only way to discover the SEO opportunities that exist elsewhere in your organization is to communicate with your colleagues and actively undercover them. This includes attending cross-departmental meetings, happy hours and formal training sessions. You can even uncover SEO opportunities during conversations at the water cooler.

2. Persuasion

Once you’ve had a chance to interact and identify opportunities, you need to motivate your colleagues to help you achieve your goals. The best way to approach this is to find a champion within each department. I won’t bore you with tactics for motivation, but it’s vitally important to have a friend that can communicate initiatives from within their department. Having a reliable ‘point-of-contact’ can drastically help you turn ideas into actions and push your initiatives up the priority ladder. Read More.


5 Tips for SEO Web Design

Check out this guide to Onsite Search Engine Optimization. Read Here

Search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way in the last decade.

seo-web-design-seoWhen the phrase first appeared, SEO web design meant little more than stuffing your cool 90’s website with whatever terms you were optimizing for, getting listed on DMOZ, and populating your metadata for the search engines to analyze. Search engine marketing and SEO optimization were basically as primitive as the search engines themselves; before the first algorithm was written to spot keyword-stuffing, you simply typed your key term more times than anyone else to get the top spot in Yahoo.

But, oh boy, have things changed. In their endless search to provide users with the most appropriate, authoritative and high-quality suggestions for a given search term, the algorithms and web metrics used by search engines such as Google to index, analyze and understand the contents of the web have become increasingly advanced.

The complexity and relative importance of SEO services has evolved alongside these developments, as the SEO expert’s job of attaining top positions in search engine results (SERPS) has become ever more challenging and competitive.

But don’t be put off. Search engine optimization, internet marketing and social networking all start with solid website design. Building from the ground up with these 6 SEO tips will give you a huge head-start in the race for those coveted and profitable SERPS positions.

1. Keywords

Keywords, key phrases, and key terms are the bread and butter of SEO and search engine marketing. Intelligent keyword selection, strategy and analysis are a large part of how it’s done. Your keyword choices could reflect what you do, where you are, what you love, your expertise, your USP or maybe your brand terms. Be realistic; for example it might be too late to take on Amazon for the term used books.

Visualize your chosen key terms as the ‘real estate’ you will be competing for.

Head terms are your top-level phrases. If you were selling SEO web design, your head terms would include web design, SEO, website design, search engine optimization and plenty more. These head terms are normally the most competitive in a field – so use variations, think laterally, look for an opening, and you’ll be getting somewhere.

Your long tail or tail terms include phrases that relate to your head terms. Get creative; identifying and owning the right long-tail terms is a great way to corner your own part of a competitive market. A few examples for our imaginary web firm might be WordPress website design, e-commerce SEO, ‘Mytown’ web design, celebrity SEO… etc.

Do as much keyword research as possible. You can use tools such as Google Adwords keyword tool, Wordtracker, SEOmoz, and don’t forget the invaluable Google search box itself. Since Google introduced the ‘Instant’ search results this became even more useful – the list of auto-complete suggestions can show you what the world is searching for. Select and list your head and long tail keywords and terms very carefully before you go any further. Read More


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Chromebook by Samsung-Great Article

Dear reader,

I came across this great article about Google and Samsung teaming up on chrome: Here’s a snippet: Samsung just unveiled two new Chrome OS devices, computers that run Google’s Chrome operating system. One, like its predecessors, is a laptop design — a.k.a.“Chromebook” — while the other is a “C….click here

Check out when you have a chance.


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