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I’d like to encourage you to click on this video and visit our site at http://www.lighthouseinternetmedia.com so you can get reacquainted with our services!

I would really love the opportunity to work with you and your company in the area of online marketing!

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Online Services Include:


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About Emilio Yepez & Lighthouse Internet Media:

Emilio Yepez Adwords & Digital Marketer

Lighthouse Internet Media is a digital marketing agency located in Miami, Florida! Its Founder Emilio Yepez is a performance driven executive manager with over 19 years of Internet Marketing, Retail & Operations.

In 1996 he started a successful career with (IAC) Inter Active Corp/Interval International. During his 11 year career at IAC I held various responsibilities ranging from Operations, Customers Service to Managerial roles as a Divisional Manager for Hyatt & Marriott Resorts.

In 2006 he resigned from IAC and decided to co found ARC Media Consultants where he was Vice President of Operations, Business Development and Internet Marketing.

In the winter of 2010 he was recruited by MBF Health Care Partners, a prominent Equity Firm located in Coral Gables, Florida. While at MBF he was tasked with spearheading the strategic planning & development of their retail acquisition (Navarro.com), the first Hispanic retail pharmacy e Commerce site on the web.

As President of Lighthouse Internet Media he has personally consulted over 400 businesses, including major Internet Retailer 500 Companies, consumer product, sales and call center companies in the US.

Digital/Online Strengths & Expertise:
Pay Per Click Marketing (Paid Traffic)
Direct Response Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Affiliate Marketing
Media Buying
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web Development

Business Strengths:
Strategic Business Planning & Consulting
Business Processes & Systems Implementation
In depth Marketing Research & Analysis
Call Center Operations & Management
Efficiency Expertise
Risk Assessment & Management
Retail Management
Leadership & Development
Leadership Theory & Practice
Equity Management & Finance


Are We Making SEO Harder than it Should Be?

Making SEO More Complicated Than It Should Be?

travel marketing

Just read a nice article on search engine land that talks about whether or not your making your seo process more difficult than it should be. As an agency I’ve seen hundreds of seo strategies and have even created multiple seo strategies that were effect, but at times seemed complex, after years of working in this business what I find is that there is an approach that is practical, yet customized for each scenario but easy to understand by anyone seeking out to implement the right strategy.

Yes for those of us in this business, we know there’s a lot that goes into SEO, but I thought this article really drove home the power of using a simplistic process and approach when it comes to SEO, they even include a chart or info graph that makes understanding this process much easier, happy reading: http://searchengineland.com/making-seo-complicated-249991


Having Trouble With Your SEO? 

if if you need help or guidance in the area of seo or digital marketing, call us at 305 389 8955 or email us at emilio@lighthouseinternetmedia.com


5 Tips for SEO Web Design

Check out this guide to Onsite Search Engine Optimization. Read Here

Search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way in the last decade.

seo-web-design-seoWhen the phrase first appeared, SEO web design meant little more than stuffing your cool 90’s website with whatever terms you were optimizing for, getting listed on DMOZ, and populating your metadata for the search engines to analyze. Search engine marketing and SEO optimization were basically as primitive as the search engines themselves; before the first algorithm was written to spot keyword-stuffing, you simply typed your key term more times than anyone else to get the top spot in Yahoo.

But, oh boy, have things changed. In their endless search to provide users with the most appropriate, authoritative and high-quality suggestions for a given search term, the algorithms and web metrics used by search engines such as Google to index, analyze and understand the contents of the web have become increasingly advanced.

The complexity and relative importance of SEO services has evolved alongside these developments, as the SEO expert’s job of attaining top positions in search engine results (SERPS) has become ever more challenging and competitive.

But don’t be put off. Search engine optimization, internet marketing and social networking all start with solid website design. Building from the ground up with these 6 SEO tips will give you a huge head-start in the race for those coveted and profitable SERPS positions.

1. Keywords

Keywords, key phrases, and key terms are the bread and butter of SEO and search engine marketing. Intelligent keyword selection, strategy and analysis are a large part of how it’s done. Your keyword choices could reflect what you do, where you are, what you love, your expertise, your USP or maybe your brand terms. Be realistic; for example it might be too late to take on Amazon for the term used books.

Visualize your chosen key terms as the ‘real estate’ you will be competing for.

Head terms are your top-level phrases. If you were selling SEO web design, your head terms would include web design, SEO, website design, search engine optimization and plenty more. These head terms are normally the most competitive in a field – so use variations, think laterally, look for an opening, and you’ll be getting somewhere.

Your long tail or tail terms include phrases that relate to your head terms. Get creative; identifying and owning the right long-tail terms is a great way to corner your own part of a competitive market. A few examples for our imaginary web firm might be WordPress website design, e-commerce SEO, ‘Mytown’ web design, celebrity SEO… etc.

Do as much keyword research as possible. You can use tools such as Google Adwords keyword tool, Wordtracker, SEOmoz, and don’t forget the invaluable Google search box itself. Since Google introduced the ‘Instant’ search results this became even more useful – the list of auto-complete suggestions can show you what the world is searching for. Select and list your head and long tail keywords and terms very carefully before you go any further. Read More