Google will soon be allowing you to expand your text ads. Are you ready?

Google will soon be allowing you to expand your text ads. Are you ready?

Google recently announced that they will be allowing advertisers to expand the number of characters that are written on text ads. As you probably already know we are currently now limited to 25 characters on the headlines of a text ad and 35 characters on the description line. This new and very attractive feature,for those who desire to increase their overall click through rate and expand their brand awareness is ideal and should be fully taken advantage of!

I don’t think I’ve heard of a more exciting Google feature in recent years. I think this is an excellent opportunity for all advertisers to consider what kind of copy or content they may want to add so they can make their ads more compelling and hopefully increase their overall click through rate in their campaign strategies. Bottom line, every word on a headline and description line matters and connects one thought with another, therefore don’t underestimate the power of content and copy on your ads.

This roll out is expected to be completed over the next several months, my suggestion to merchants and advertisers is to keep an eye out and take advantage of this new feature!

Having Trouble? 
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