Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Their Pay Per Click / Adwords Management Company Before Hiring Them: Part 1

Hey Business Manager/Owner/Digital Director,

You’ll never find the right Pay Per Click/Adwords management company in Miami or any other city for that matter that will successfully help you scale and manage your campaigns into profitability unless you ask these questions:

  1. How many clients do you currently manage? How many references can you provide that are both new and old that can vouch for you? Consider the level of clients and businesses they work with and the length of time. Time is the great equalizer and can prove their performance record!
  2. How much money do you currently manage for your clients? If it’s under 100K a month, run the other way!
  3. Can you guarantee profitability? If the answer is yes, ask them if they will consider a performance component in the deal! If so how much? If the agency promises anything over 3 to 6 times your money, run and run fast! If the agency will take the work based on performance like my PPC SUPERMAN friend Pat Grady, go for it! (this of course is not recommended for attorneys or lawyers as the Florida bar prohibits for agencies to work on performance or get bonused for leads and business generated)

Stay tuned for the next set of important questions!

Emilio Yepez
lighthouse Internet Media
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Pay Per Click Companies in Miami

If you’re looking for a Pay Per Click Company in Miami that will drive a serious ROI to your bottom line please keep reading. Lighthouse Internet Media manages and drives more pay per click traffic than most agencies in the southeast. We combine 17 years of business & Internet marketing experience to put the very best behind every Pay Per Click campaign for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of running effective Adwords and Pay Per Click campaigns give our clients a huge advantage over their competitors. 

 Most of our Adwords and Pay Per Click campaign agreements include a performance based component,  meaning we share the same fate that our clients face when we manage and drive business on their behalf.

Pay Per Click is a very complex form of Internet Marketing and requires an in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing, it also requires that the person managing the campaign understand all the aspects of money management and risk management in order to properly run an effective campaign. Call us now at 305 389 8955 and find out about our free evaluation and free consultation.

In your service,


Emilio Yepez
President of LHIM

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Your Adwords and Paper Click Company in Miami

As an agency, over the years we’ve managed various Pay Per Click/Adwords campaigns and what we found to be true is that they all seem to be very complex and difficult to manage when you’re starting from scratch or don’t really understand Pay Per Click traffic. Every Internet marketer and every in-house director of marketing knows the perils, the headaches, the difficulties of effectively managing paper click campaigns and getting a true our ROI out of your campaigns and Adgroups.



Lighthouse Internet Media offers a very comprehensive Adwords strategy for clients who are looking to get a true ROI out of their campaigns. In Miami you have various choices, however because of our extensive experience and our depth of knowledge we feel that if you’re looking for a pay per click company in Miami you’ve come to the right place. 

 We offer all of our clients and customers a free consultation and evaluation of your campaign, we can even put together a formal strategy that includes a performance component to make any potential management fees and work that we may be doing together, a true win – win situation!

In your service,


Emilio Yepez
President of LHIM

Phone: 305 389 8955
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Pay Per Click Agency in Coral Gables


Looking for a Pay Per Click agency in Coral Gables? Lighthouse Internet Media has serviced various companies with their adwords and msn adcenter accounts. We managed millions of dollars in ad spend and we know how to offer an effective ROI.

We talk to clients and digital managers every day and we discuss their difficulties in finding the right strategy or the right approach as a relates to PPC management. We know how difficult it can be to understand and put together a solid strategy that is not only going to work but will allow you to scale overtime.

Our approach to PPC management and strategy is different due to a number of indicators and components we use in all of our pay per click strategies on behalf of our clients. We know how difficult it can be to find a true ROI as it relates to paper click management therefore we take a very comprehensive approach that starts with a very thorough strategic competitor report and incorporates every facet of your business from A-to-Z to ensure that our pay per click strategies support and offer value at every level of your organization. If you’re interested in receiving a free consultation re-evaluation of your adwords account we highly recommend that you contact us today at 305-389-8955!

In your service

Emilio Yepez

Lighthouse Internet media


3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google Adwords

I get asked all the time about Google Adwords. For the uninitiated, Adwords are the ads on the top and side of Google when you enter in a search. Entrepreneurs are always wanting to rank their website at the top of every search, but there are certain things that you need to know before getting started with Adwords. Read Here.

So I decided to answer three of the questions I get asked the most — all in one article. This won’t answer every question  you may have but this should be a good start.

 google-adwords1. There are three types of keywords.

In the online world, there are three types of keywords that consumers use when searching online that business owners  need to keep in mind. First they do their research, then they compare products and then they search with the intent to purchase. For instance, this is the exact process I used to purchase my new Bluetooth wireless headset:

Research phrases: When someone is in the research phase, the person often has no idea what he or she wants, searching only for generic and simple terms. I started my search with “headsets.” During this process, I learned that there are all kinds of different headsets: wireless, non-wireless, microphone, no microphone, etc. Notice, I have no idea what brand I want yet.

Comparison: As I peruse the search results for those generic terms, things start to get more specific. Not only am I reading reviews, but I’m pitting two products against each other. If you were in the comparison stage, you would most likely use terms like:

Beats vs Bose

Beats by Dre review

Beats pricing

Beats alternative

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I personally don’t recommend that business owners purchase these types of phrases as I think they are a waste of your money. These types of phrases are used by people who are searching for an answer and are merely investigating a future purchase. If you’re bidding on phrases like this, try stopping for a week and see if your profits rise. Read More.

How to use the Internet for business

I found the following tips on the web, I believe they are very useful. Check it out. Read Here.


Familiarize yourself with how your industry is represented online; search for your customers, suppliers and other contacts. Look at their websites and online social media profiles.

Review the audience you communicate with and market to: their interests, preferences and online habits. Which social media and online networking sites do they use? How do they use them and how do they represent themselves in their profiles?

Review your own online presence. Where do you appear in search results? Do you have a presence on the social media and networking sites used by your target market?

Set up a social media profile on relevant sites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Connect and communicate with your customers by posting blogs, tweets and useful information. Avoid the ‘hard sell’. Your aim is to build relationships.

Review your website. Is it still doing the job you intended? Does it accurately represent your business? Is it fresh, engaging and easy to use? Can it be viewed on any web-connected device?

Consider using online advertising strategies such as pay-per-click advertising. Research which keywords will be most effective in your online adverts and for driving traffic to your website. Read More.

Social Media Revolution

I found this interesting video that points out to us the importance of social media today. I’m sure you’ll be amazed!

Erik Qualman is a leading speaker on the use of social media, providing statistics and clear evidence of the phenomenal growth of social media. He is author of two excellent books which have gone on to be translated into many languages.
1. Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business
2. Digital Leader: 5 simple keys to success and influence
Check out this awesome facts He reveals to us through this video. Enjoy!