Pay Per Click Management Consultant in Miami, Florida

I was recently asked a very good question by a potential client. They asked me the preverbal “what makes your PPC Management so different from your competition?” My response was simple: Strategy, Execution & Results!

Now I know that might sound simple or even common, but how many PPC consultants can really develop a solid framework and take into consideration all the key and most important aspects in a Pay Per Click campaign on behalf of a client? In my career I’ve seen some really good ones and believe me there are some very talented PPC Agencies, we strongly believe we are one of those Top Talents in the industry, but unfortunately in our industry not everyone really brings what I consider to be the “goods” to the table. If you ask me what I mean by the “goods”, let me outline just a few of them:

  1. Depth of business experience
  2. Truly understanding ROI formularies & strategies
  3. Having a high aptitude for analyzing and problem solving at multiple levels
  4. Experience managing over 10 Million Dollars in PPC dollars
  5. Knowing what works and short cutting the client to a FASTER ROI
  6. Embedded Talent on the Marketing Side
  7. Having a sound base in Nuero Marketing Science
  8. The list goes on and on

These are just a few of the traits we believe a PPC consultant and agency should have in order to successfully manage your PPC dollars. We look at things no body see and we find what no body finds, we are different and we know our stuff.

Are you in a tough competitive market and need the best on your side? Call us today at 305 389 8955 or email us at We have a proven track record, we’ve made clients Millions of dollars and have helped businesses at all levels. Call us today!


Emilio Yepez
Lighthouse Internet Media
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Emilio Yepez is an e-commerce, online and Pay Per Click consultant located in Miami, Florida with over 16 years of operational and internet marketing experience. Emilio Yepez has worked with top Internet Retailer 500 companies and has generated Millions of Dollars in sales in both affiliate marketing programs while at ARC and ARC Media and ecommerce business development projects, like Recently, Emilio Yepez developed and managed the ecommerce site, the largest Hispanic Owned Pharmacy Chain in the US.