Apple Is Entering the Paid Search Game! I Have Pics-Sneak Peak

Apple is now getting into the paid search business-booyah! Back in April, a report surfaced on Bloomberg that Apple was considering entering the Paid Search game for their App Store. As most of us in the industry already know, Paid Search is a huge money maker for tech companies. Am I surprised Apple hasn’t instituted something already for their App Store? No! I am not surprised because as of late they seem to be behind on just about everything else when it relates to cellphone design technology, virtual reality and that old, cumbersome, music hostage music player they call: Itunes! 🙂

Now, I think this new feature will actually benefit those hard core App developers in numerous ways. As we all know the App Store is over saturated with Apps therefore making it difficult for developers to monetize because most of the time their Apps can’t even be found! (They are buried deep somewhere in the dark, deep corridors of the App Store.) With this new feature, developers can now drive traffic and attention to their App and really expose their brand and their creation in a much simpler fashion. There is still no access to their platform, but I’ve included screen shots and pictures of what you can expect!

1-New App

2-New App

3-New App

4-New App

5-New App

6-New App

7-New App

8-New App


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