Analytics Tools That Will Help You Measuring Your Online Marketing

Whether you are an independent consultant or you run a much larger company, marketing matters.  It’s important to the success of your business. As marketers, you and I are convinced of this. But let’s face it: marketing isn’t an “exact science”. Read Here.


It can be very difficult to determine whether or not your marketing investment of time, money and effort is giving you the results you want.

You may love your new, beautifully designed website, but does it make visitors want to stay awhile and learn more about what you do and how you can help them? You may be crazy about your new email campaign, but how is it performing? How are your open rates? How’s your click-through rate? When readers do click through, how many of them convert?

Done well, marketing can boost your company’s sales and profits beyond your wildest expectations. Done poorly, it can be a financial “black hole” that drains your company’s cash flow. Needless to say, you want to do it well.

The Ultimate Proof Of Online Marketing Effectivenes

So how can you tell if you are doing it well? The ultimate proof is in your conversion rates. That is, how many shoppers become buyers? Or in a B2B content campaign, how many website visitors enter your content funnel?

Think about this: if your conversion rate is in the tank, how much does your pretty website really help you? How much does your huge email list matter? What do you care if you have many thousands of social media followers that “like” or share your updates if your online marketing efforts never help you make any sales?

As you are striving to maximize your conversion rate and enjoy the highest possible marketing ROI, there are certain key marketing metrics you can and should measure. Today, we will talk about some tools that can help you do this very effectively.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to measure for measurement’s sake. You want to measure your marketing efforts so you can observe your performance and make changes as needed.

Is your email open rate low? If so, this is a problem you need to fix. Are new visitors to your website “jumping ship” almost as soon as they show up? You need to find out why, and you need to do something about it!

Once again: measure relevant marketing metrics so you can take action and improve your results, not so you can collect a bunch of random numbers. Read More.




How to use the Internet for business

I found the following tips on the web, I believe they are very useful. Check it out. Read Here.


Familiarize yourself with how your industry is represented online; search for your customers, suppliers and other contacts. Look at their websites and online social media profiles.

Review the audience you communicate with and market to: their interests, preferences and online habits. Which social media and online networking sites do they use? How do they use them and how do they represent themselves in their profiles?

Review your own online presence. Where do you appear in search results? Do you have a presence on the social media and networking sites used by your target market?

Set up a social media profile on relevant sites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Connect and communicate with your customers by posting blogs, tweets and useful information. Avoid the ‘hard sell’. Your aim is to build relationships.

Review your website. Is it still doing the job you intended? Does it accurately represent your business? Is it fresh, engaging and easy to use? Can it be viewed on any web-connected device?

Consider using online advertising strategies such as pay-per-click advertising. Research which keywords will be most effective in your online adverts and for driving traffic to your website. Read More.

Mobile App Development Miami

One of the most important decisions a business can make is developing a Mobile Application that will not only offer their business more exposure on Mobile Phones, but put them closer to their client. Developing a Mobile Application can be complex and difficult and more importantly require the expertise or know how necessary to get it successfully submitted on Android and the Iphone iOS platform.  Lighthouse Internet Media has worked with numerous small, medium and large sized clients and has customized an application that was right in line with their business strategies, their budget needs and deadlines.

Android iOS 


Great Mobile App ideas are what make Millions, but what if you have a Mobile App idea, concept or service you want to offer but don’t know how to develop a strategy, a framework or get the funding for the project? What about if your business solution or idea can be narrowed down to a simple Application that does it all? Well, if you never take the first step and find out your options, you will never really know whether or not your Mobile App is possible.

The Android platform is an ideal space for you to try your Mobile App concept. Android allows you more customized flexibility when it relates to design and architecture. Our specialized App developers are excellent at bringing ideas and concepts and making them a reality where thousands  if not millions of Mobile users have access to experimenting with your Mobile App idea.

Mobile Applications are the new frontier when it relates to user usability and access. Don’t wait to develop one for your business, call us today at 305 389 8955.

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Emilio Yepez is an e-commerce, online and Pay Per Click  consultant located in Miami, Florida with over 16 years of operational and internet marketing experience. Emilio Yepez has worked with top Internet Retailer 500 companies and has generated Millions of Dollars in sales in both affiliate marketing programs while at ARC and ARC Media and ecommerce business development projects, like Recently, Emilio Yepez developed and managed the ecommerce site, the largest Hispanic Owned Pharmacy Chain in the US.

Mobile App Developer Miami

Warning: These Facts May Affect The Way You See The Future of Your Business!


  • In 2012 Pew statistical reporting stated that 31% of mobile internet users “mostly” go online using their phones.
  • 75% of emails are opened, 60% of Facebook posts and 90% tweets are all conducted from a mobile device! @BillBoormanATC 2012

  • 1 in 8 pageviews are from mobile devices (comScore December 2012)
  • 75% of customers prefer a mobile friendly site (Google, 2012)
  • 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps (Nielsen 2012)

Do you see a trend in these numbers that may indicate the future of where Online users are headed? I think they do. Businesses that don’t adequately prepare for the high number of Mobile users searching the web, may be very disappointed when their business doesn’t “hit the Numbers” or “Plateaus”, either way I think we can make a case for the future of Mobile Apps and platforms and without reservation express that if you are not ready for what’s coming ahead, now is the time to plan and consider the future.

Why Develop a Mobile App? 

Today more people are on Mobile phone devices than any other time in history. The reason why this is happening is because a Mobile Phone connects you with pretty much everything that seems important in your life. People search the web, access the bank, they read the news, they look for items to buy online, they look up their friends on Facebook and have now migrated to Instagram for a completely different experience, they access maps and videos. The list goes on and on and as this trend emerges and people stop using their PC or Laptop for searching and transacting online and migrate over more to their phones and tablets, more will be transacted using these devices.

Mobile Apps are a very fast and an easy way to ensure that your user stays connected with you & your product/service. Think about what it would mean if your user could hit an App on their Iphone or Android Os and quickly access your business’s services or product offering? Think of the convenience and how far ahead you would be of the competition? Now ask yourself what is stopping you from developing one? Below I have listed a number of reasons why you may not have had pulled the trigger on building an App:

Concern: too expensive.

Our Answer: This is erroneous, you can build a highly customization App starting at $5K 

Concern: Its too complicated! 

Our Answer:

  • Your right, designing an App takes skills and technical know how. Hire our agency and we will get it built right, the first time.

Concern: I don’t know if Apple or Android will accept my App once it’s built? 

Our Answer: 

  • Our agency knows exactly what they are looking for. We have a 99% acceptance rate upon submission, you cant beat those numbers!

Are You Losing Market Share? 

If your competitor has an App for their business and you don’t, doesn’t this mean you may be losing market share to users who go online with their phones?  There is a very strong trend among online users that suggest an overwhelming amount of people are using their Mobile phones and Tablets to not only search the web but use it everyday to make purchases and buying decisions. Does your business have an App or Mobile friendly site that will cater to your customer? If the answer is no, now is time to get the App for your business and begin competing among your competitors.

Iphone 5 & iOs6 Development Process

Out staff of in-house developers primarily focuses on using a strict development process that ensures all the standards Apple has established are not only followed but adhered to in a timely fashion. Apple has one of the most rigorous processes for App Development submission in the industry, therefore our team of App Developers has a created a customized development methodology that is second to none. We know exactly what Apple is looking for, how they prefer Apps be submitted and under what criteria. We are so well versed in the development of Apps that 99% of all the apps we have developed,  have been approved on the first submission. With this type of success rate you and your business can’t go wrong with Lighthouse Internet Media.

Android App Development

Android App development allows a developer to customize an app and be a bit more creative than iOs. Most of our clients have asked us numerous times whether they should create an app for iOs or Android and our answer is always the same. Do you need an App that is highly customizable and exposed to a large number of mobile phone users? If the answer is yes, developing an App for Android may be more ideal.

If you need help determining whether Android or iOs is a better choice, we can set up a free consultation and begin helping you design a strategy, all it takes is one phone call to our offices at  305-389-8955 or email us at for more information.


Emilio Yepez is an e-commerce consultant located in Miami, Florida with over 16 years of operational and internet marketing experience. Emilio Yepez has worked with top Internet Retailer 500 companies and has generated Millions of Dollars in sales in both affiliate marketing programs while at ARC and ARC Media and ecommerce business development projects, like Recently, Emilio Yepez developed and managed the ecommerce site, the largest Hispanic Owned Pharmacy Chain in the US.