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If you’re looking for a Pay Per Click Company in Miami that will drive a serious ROI to your bottom line please keep reading. Lighthouse Internet Media manages and drives more pay per click traffic than most agencies in the southeast. We combine 17 years of business & Internet marketing experience to put the very best behind every Pay Per Click campaign for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of running effective Adwords and Pay Per Click campaigns give our clients a huge advantage over their competitors. 

 Most of our Adwords and Pay Per Click campaign agreements include a performance based component,  meaning we share the same fate that our clients face when we manage and drive business on their behalf.

Pay Per Click is a very complex form of Internet Marketing and requires an in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing, it also requires that the person managing the campaign understand all the aspects of money management and risk management in order to properly run an effective campaign. Call us now at 305 389 8955 and find out about our free evaluation and free consultation.

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3 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google Adwords

I get asked all the time about Google Adwords. For the uninitiated, Adwords are the ads on the top and side of Google when you enter in a search. Entrepreneurs are always wanting to rank their website at the top of every search, but there are certain things that you need to know before getting started with Adwords. Read Here.

So I decided to answer three of the questions I get asked the most — all in one article. This won’t answer every question  you may have but this should be a good start.

 google-adwords1. There are three types of keywords.

In the online world, there are three types of keywords that consumers use when searching online that business owners  need to keep in mind. First they do their research, then they compare products and then they search with the intent to purchase. For instance, this is the exact process I used to purchase my new Bluetooth wireless headset:

Research phrases: When someone is in the research phase, the person often has no idea what he or she wants, searching only for generic and simple terms. I started my search with “headsets.” During this process, I learned that there are all kinds of different headsets: wireless, non-wireless, microphone, no microphone, etc. Notice, I have no idea what brand I want yet.

Comparison: As I peruse the search results for those generic terms, things start to get more specific. Not only am I reading reviews, but I’m pitting two products against each other. If you were in the comparison stage, you would most likely use terms like:

Beats vs Bose

Beats by Dre review

Beats pricing

Beats alternative

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I personally don’t recommend that business owners purchase these types of phrases as I think they are a waste of your money. These types of phrases are used by people who are searching for an answer and are merely investigating a future purchase. If you’re bidding on phrases like this, try stopping for a week and see if your profits rise. Read More.

Social Media Revolution

I found this interesting video that points out to us the importance of social media today. I’m sure you’ll be amazed!

Erik Qualman is a leading speaker on the use of social media, providing statistics and clear evidence of the phenomenal growth of social media. He is author of two excellent books which have gone on to be translated into many languages.
1. Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business
2. Digital Leader: 5 simple keys to success and influence
Check out this awesome facts He reveals to us through this video. Enjoy!


Lighthouse Internet Media is a comprehensive internet marketing company that provides a wide range of services such as search engine optimization, website development, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click management, email marketing, e-commerce development and consulting to its customers. This is a one stop source for people who have not yet begun to explore their options in the internet business world as well as for those who have started to examine and would like to expand their venture expertise and explore new tools and ideas. The most important component of this service company is the impeccable integrity and reliable opportunity offered to the customers at all level.

Online Marketing

The team constituting the online marketing department of this company is dedicated and oriented in giving the clients the edge over their competitors. Every professional of the team are expert in their area and excel in their performance. The collective effort of the team is focused on the company’s primary goal – to improve the clients’ market share.

The company uses multiple approach in marketing their client’s company by meeting the unique needs as well as encouraging the growth of development in terms of brand visibility during the purchase cycle, irrespective of the type of the client – business, institution, or non-profit organization.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the areas that Lighthouse Internet Media is expert in. Regardless of the number of recipients – hundreds or millions – LHIM has the necessary tools to market remotely, easily and securely. It starts with defining the client’s goals, customizing the emails and targeting the intended customers.

Web Design and Web Development

The website team dedicated to this area works with the clients in creating new website for their business from scratch as well as transforming an existing website to make it more effective. The graphic designers of the team provide the necessary visual depth to the content and modify the content wherever required. The professionals involved in search engine optimization refine the search criteria, add codes and elements that are useful for ranking high among the search engine results. Web programmers bundle these features and make the website browser independent to maximize the client’s web presence.

Database Management

Another part of online marketing strategy is to install a reliable database management technique that would collect data from both online and offline. LHIM has the necessary technology to make this happen or custom design the database to match client’s needs. They are equipped with unique tools to solve unique problems in order to take the client’s interaction with customer on the internet to a whole new level.

Affiliate Marketing

A well formed network marketing strategy can improve any business and provide the best returns that are otherwise not possible in a standalone scenario. The company team knows how to lay the foundation for affiliate marketing to make the products and services spread across different social media networks. This type of marketing strategy provide better input and reaction from consumers and help in making the brand a successful one.

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Programmatic Media Buying (Part One)

Programmatic Media Buying (Part One)

If you are familiar with the general concept of traditional CPM Media buying then you are already familiar with the methods used by media buyers today, however at the end of 2011 Forrester released a report titled: “The Future of Digital Media Buying” and in their report they introduced a digital media buying method called Programmatic Media buying and eluded that media buyers who did not make the switch could be left behind.

In Forrester’s research they reported that Programmatic Media buying was the future and marketing decisions based on a new set of perimeters would dictate the pace for media buyers. Using traditional cookie related intelligence would soon be irrelevant (we keep hearing this) and using metrics like DSP’s tags on a conversion page to see what kinds of audience segments are hitting that page, the days and times that conversions are high and using that intelligence for analyzing data, would be the new norm. (See source here:

Within the article they also pointed out that using a Programmatic Media buying would offer 4 key benefits to media buyers, otherwise absent through traditional forms of media buying platforms:

  • Price transparency
  • Control
  • Granularity
  • Insight


More Research


In my quest to better understand Programmatic Media buying, I researched other sources (please click here) that could offer me insight into this new form of media buying and this is what I discovered.


Using cookie related data and traditional forms to serve ads would be replaced by demand side software interfaces & complex algorithms to make better buying decisions as a marketing campaign evolves over time. Tracking consumer decisions across multiple touch points like the marketers website, mobile apps, Facebook page & email would now also be considered within the equation when planning and buying media.


George John, CEO of Rocket Fuel describes Programmatic Media Buying as the application of using artificial intelligence and big data to: bid on advertising inventory sources like Yahoo, Youtube and other sources and leveraging various indicators to deliver those ads based on complex factors like: whether the visitor had been on the advertiser’s website in the last 30 days, the weather, geography, time of day, etc. The bidding formula itself and the subsequent optimization decisions have been derived by algorithmic processes, versus being specified by human input. (Please Note I am quoting and paraphrasing)




Bottom line, we are getting smarter about our media buying decisions and using Programmatic Media buying is the new wave for the industry. My only question is: Who will lead the charge and prove that this method is really better than what is currently available to Media Buyers today? I think the verdict is still out and in future articles I am going to attempt to answer this important question….hopefully….:)


Grow Your Online Business Today

There are many ways to grow your online business today. You can include your website on business cards and brochures that you pass out to consumers or business customers. You can also include your website URL in classified ads that you place in trade or consumer journals. The key is making sure you track your offline advertising so you can determine which ad campaigns are profitable.

Email marketing can also be highly effective. Purchase some bulk email software. This allows you to load and send thousands of emails out simultaneously. You can purchase your email lists from the Direct Mail Association or companies like InfoUSA. Start by testing email lists from several different vendors, then order more from the ones that get results. Lighthouse Internet Media can help you with your email marketing campaign, and even create an entire strategic business plan for you.

Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising on Google Adwords are two of the most highly effective ways to grow your online business. In search engine optimization, you include certain keywords that people are most likely to be use by people searching for your products. Search engine optimizers can also code and organize your pages for optimum results, giving you a high ranking in major search engines like Yahoo and Google. Google Adwords allows you to pay for each click to your website. The amount you pay per click determines your position. Lighthouse Internet Media professionals are experts in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. They can help you grow your business exponentially.

Lighthouse Internet Media are also experts in social media. They can help you use one of the most important media tools today, promoting your site through Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and other major sites. They know the methods of generating traffic fast so you can earn a solid return on your advertising investment.


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Consider a Strategic Approach to Your Product Hierarchy Structure

Dear Reader,

I want to start by sharing that as an ecommerce consultant located in Miami, Florida, I get all types of calls from both local online merchants and online merchants in the carribean and Mexico. This makes my everyday very interesting becuase I never know who is going to call me; the call could come from a merchant in Miami or abroad. My uniqe geographic location gives me the ability to speak to a wide range of customers and clients with different needs, especially living in such a diverse city.

Last week I got a pretty interesting call from an online merchant who was seeking assistance with their e-commerce site. The merchant was a local electronics merchant, who sourced their products on Mexico but fulfilled in the U.S. This particular merchant was racking their brain over why he wasnt able to convert at a decent level. Please understand, whenever I get these types of calls I know our conversation or relationship could go in a number of different directions because the conversation revolving around conversions is so wide and so broad there could be a number of different reasons why they are not converting, However over the years I’ve found that  there are a few indicators that could immediately surface that might tip me off as to where to start and in my particular experience I know that this means a lot, especially to an online merchant that needs help and needs it fast! So when I speak to a merchant I try to get to the point, I try to quickly identify their issues and look at proposing a smart, thorough, strategic plan and solution.

As we got started in our conversation the merchant began to share with me the difficulties they were experiencing with converting on their site, they explained that they were acquiring all sorts of traffic but the site was simply not converting. They explained to me that the deals and prices were excellent and that the average time someone was staying on the was well over the norm, customers were staying on the site for an extended period of time, 10-15 minutes on the average, which is not typical, yet site vistors were not buying.

After our lengthy phone conversation I decided that the best thing I could do was to review his site without accessing their server and offer an on the surface, comprehensive review of their website. Whenever I offer this type of review I usually get some push back from the merchant becuase they usually prefer I offer my advice in conjuction with their data and information, however over the years I’ve learned that the only way to start these types of review is to use external tools and analysis to really offer an unbiased site review.  I like to ensure that I am not swayed by any initial data that could be delivered to me in advance. I like to review and do my own analysis to offer the merchant a valuable, unbiased opinion and then confirm my assumptions with data analysis from their analytics or server logs.

One of the first things that immediately surfaced in my review of their site was my inability to navigate the site quickly and find products easily, I found the site to be very difficult to navigate. One of the other elements I discovered in my assessment was their poor product hierarchy, it was completely off! This might or might not explain why site vistors were staying so long on the site, but there was much more analysis to be done before I could confirm my assumptions…

more to come….