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Back in April, Google users in other countries starting seeing Green Ad labels instead of the Yellow Ad Labels on display ads, well apparently there was a reason for this! Apparently Google was testing the colored labels and I guess the Green label won over the mighty Yellow Label! 🙂 Today on Search Engine Land, they too confirmed that the Yellow label Ad is going away and the Green one is here to stay across all global SERP pages.

One Small Take Away-IMO:
Google being the Search giant that they are must have tested this for long periods of time across their immense search network, A/B testing at its finest and at the highest level! If they decided to go with Green, it could possibly indicate that the Green color they were using converted better or did better across the board. Maybe it also signaled the Green ad labels were easier to read. None the less, something we can take, potentially use in our campaign strategies and landing pages where it relates to advertisers, banners or creative(s) we might be using on landing pages.   

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Google Tests New Feature: Look for “People Also Search For” feature

New Google Feature 

Google was recently caught 🙂 testing out a new search feature on mobile. If you notice in the image below Google now is trying to test a new version of “people also search for”  when you search for a query on your mobile phones. As you can imagine Google is trying to expand their options to the user when doing a search and offering multiple options to the user and increasing their ability to close the gap to better facilitate the user.

Search For
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Opportunity for Marketing 

The caveat in this story for Digital Marketers is to keep in mind that with this new feature you can leverage it to do further searches for keywords that otherwise you would have not considered in your marketing efforts. Do multiple searches  and see what this option relays back to you via a mobile search and test it up against your campaigns and strategy.


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