Mac Users Now Can Get Bing Ads Editor!

Mac User Now Can Get Bing Ads Editor!

How long is a long time? Well it all depends on whether or not you are Mac or Windows user, especially if you manage paid ad campaigns on Bing. After years and years and years of waiting, Mac users will now have the option of getting the Bing Ads Editor with all the features of the PC version on their Mac.

From what I understand from others in the industry, the Bing editor for Mac users has long been the most highly requested feature on the Bing Ads user forum. I also here the beta version will be available in the US at SMX Advanced in Seattle on Wednesday. If you’d like to check out more information, head over to the Bing’s support link regarding this new feature and get caught up on all the goodies and updates they plan on releasing with this new tool!


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Lighthouse Internet Media is a digital marketing agency located in Miami, Florida! Its Founder Emilio Yepez is a performance driven executive manager with over 19 years of Internet Marketing, Retail & Operations.

In 1996 he started a successful career with (IAC) Inter Active Corp/Interval International. During his 11 year career at IAC I held various responsibilities ranging from Operations, Customers Service to Managerial roles as a Divisional Manager for Hyatt & Marriott Resorts.

In 2006 he resigned from IAC and decided to co found ARC Media Consultants where he was Vice President of Operations, Business Development and Internet Marketing.

In the winter of 2010 he was recruited by MBF Health Care Partners, a prominent Equity Firm located in Coral Gables, Florida. While at MBF he was tasked with spearheading the strategic planning & development of their retail acquisition (, the first Hispanic retail pharmacy e Commerce site on the web.

As President of Lighthouse Internet Media he has personally consulted over 400 businesses, including major Internet Retailer 500 Companies, consumer product, sales and call center companies in the US.

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Strategic Business Planning & Consulting
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Personal Interests & Studies:
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