Interesting Statistic

Own an Online Retail Business? Consider this.

I just read an article on Internet Retailer that reported that 79% of all online customers prefer tracking with their orders. In another study 45% required Online Chat or Instant Messaging be available on the retail site. In yet another study, 39% required Video Demos of Product Assembly or Installation demos on the retailer’s online website. Checkout the link here:

After reading this brief article, what do you think these light test studies reveal about consumer behavior? My personal take: Customers want more personalization in their everyday shopping experience with an online retailer.

Invest Customer Service Applications and Processes

As more customers move toward shopping online, it’s only natural that the experience they get in the traditonal “brick and mortar” is somehow replicated through an online portal. I think these studies reveal a common trend and truth among online customers. I also see in my everyday practice how these types of findings or “gems” paint a realistic picture of what the new online consumer really wants and is looking for in their shopping experience. Therefore my suggestion to online retailers is to seriously consider these findings and bump up thier customer service strategy if they haven’t already.

Dont Get Fustrated-There Are Solutions!

Dont get fustrated, if you are reading this article today and you are an online retailer and need help with the implementation of these applications and service tools, contact me today at 305 389 8955 or email me at The consultation is free and you’ll save yourself tons of headaches.

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