Product Hierarchy Part 2

Developing a good product hierarchy can do wonders for your e-commerce site. The sad part is most merchants don’t invest the time to tweak and work on their product hierarchy on their website because of the lack of time, importance or a 100 other reasons. Bottom line: If you are spending money on traffic to your site, I suggest you read this post and future posts regarding product hierarchy and how it plays a vital role in your conversions metrics.

The Importance of a Solid Product Hierarchy

One of the foundational pillars of building a solid e-commerce site is ensuring that you create a solid, product hierarchy for your site where customers can easily find products at multiple levels and across categories. One key to creating the ideal product hierarchy for your customer is to make sure your customers find your products in multiple-associative categories. This is a major key to your online success as a merchant, please don’t forget this principle. If you are unclear as to what I mean by associative categories, let me offer you one example:

If your online site sells shoes and you create a category under strap-less sandals, you should probably include beach sandals somewhere in there as well. Don’t assume that your customer is only looking for formal sandals, make sure that at the very least you offer them an alternative that is associated with the specific product they are looking for. If you are saying to yourself, “wow that’s going to take a lot of work”, you’ve hit the nail on the head. However consider the following: 

I’ve personally assisted merchants with re-creating a product hierarchy and have seen anywhere between a 1-2% increase in their conversions. In some cases some of these merchants went from 0.8% conversion ratio to 2% or those who were already were at 2% went to 3%. Believe me when I tell you, if you are ignoring this very important element on your e-commerce site, you are missing out!

In next week’s post, I am going to be outlining all the elements you should consider for developing a solid product hierarchy. I encourage you to visit us again and see if there is anything that might help you convert better.


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