Bing Apps Now Allows You To Edit Disapproved Ads & Text Ads

If you are currently driving traffic using Bing Ads, you can now make edits and adjustments via their App!

They recently mentioned this feature on blog: Here!

Obviously this should make life easier for marketers! I always wondered why this wasn’t an option and when it would even become an option instead of logging in directly and addressing these issues some other way, but I guess Bing got it and decided to add this option as a way to keep enhancing accessibility.

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Bing Ads to Now Support Extended Text Ads as Well in Their User Interface

Bing Ads to now support extended text ads as well in their user interface


Well I guess Bing felt like they had to follow in Google’s footsteps, again, and begin allowing users to expand their text ads within the Bing user interface.  As mentioned in my previous article this is good news for advertisers that can now add additional content or copy that will make their ads more lucrative and hopefully help them increase their overall click through rate.

How To Leverage This Update for Your Benefit 

One of the strategies that we are currently using with some of our clients is that now with this new feature we are considering making the ads a little bit more diverse and including numerous areas of service and products that we that we feel will give us the greatest chance of getting somebody to click on our ads. We think this new feature will not only help a standout but hopefully increase the click through rate on high converting ads that we currently manage and hopefully help us convert more business on how you converting pages that we’ve created within our sites. Of course all this has to be balanced out with the reality that with a higher click through rate I can also expect a higher spend but obviously we’re going to measure that up against conversions and ensure we still get a positive ROI.

If you need help or think that you need help regarding this new change or any other changes in paid traffic please contact us at or call us at 305-389 8955

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