Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Their Pay Per Click / Adwords Management Company Before Hiring Them: Part 2

Hello, this week we continue our series concerning the top most important questions to ask your PPC Agency before hiring them:

Question #4:  Have you ever dealt with an account that has been banned on Adwords? If No, why not? If Yes, please explain the outcome. (this will further weed out those who don’t have experience managing and handling Adwords/Paid Traffic accounts online. )

Question # 5:  Who owns my ppc account? If the answer is the agency runs and manages the paid spend on their side and they provide you (MR. Merchant) reporting, than YOU (Mr. Business OWNER) don’t own the account or traffic!

Question #6: Are your PPC analysts Adwords certified? If yes great!  If not, keep prodding the agency-this doesn’t necessarily mean they are not qualified, it means they have chosen not to follow Google’s prescribed-open book class and course.

Stick around for my next round of questions!

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Adwords Company in Miami

Adwords Company in Miami

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