Are You Ready for the AMP Revolution?

Are You Ready for the AMP Revolution?

Google has recently stated that their Mobile Page Ranking change is rolling out early 2018. It was previously stated that they were aiming for the end of 2017 but I guess they changed their mind.
My guess is that they understand the repercussions this will have on the industry and how their new change will disrupt rankings and traffic across the board. If there was ever a time you needed to get ready for this change the time is now. Why now? Here are a few reasons to consider:

1. If you are doing SEO on your site or business you want to make sure you don’t lose your position or the advantages you have on the 1st page. My suggestion, start now, start early!
2. Its unclear (really) how far this index change will go, will they still leave regular optimized pages float alongside AMP pages like they currently have on the web, my guess is NO!
3. How long is the roll out? Will it be gradual or will it be just like past index disruptions that were made over a short period of time leaving the winners to gain everything and the losers in the dust?
4. If your site and pages are not AMP ready, you stand to lose more than just traffic and relevancy, you may very well lose a ton of business to your competitors that are AMP ready.
5. Don’t go cheap and wait to the last minute. This is an important change and needs to be taken seriously. Hire an agency to get the job done right, the 1st time!

There doesn’t seem to be any news on the horizon to AMP change affecting Adwords and Pay Per Click campaigns.

Are You Ready?
Not ready for the Google AMP index change? Dont know where to start? Our agency offers a full line of digital services allows large and local businesses stay ahead of the curve and
get the most out of their digital presence online. If you’d like to reach us at our office for a FREE Consult call us at 305 389 8955 or email me directly at

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Emilio Yepez
Lighthouse Internet media
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About Emilio Yepez & Lighthouse Internet Media:

Emilio Yepez Adwords & Digital Marketer

Lighthouse Internet Media is a digital marketing agency located in Miami, Florida! Its Founder Emilio Yepez is a performance driven executive manager with over 19 years of Internet Marketing, Retail & Operations.

In 1996 he started a successful career with (IAC) Inter Active Corp/Interval International. During his 11 year career at IAC I held various responsibilities ranging from Operations, Customers Service to Managerial roles as a Divisional Manager for Hyatt & Marriott Resorts.

In 2006 he resigned from IAC and decided to co found ARC Media Consultants where he was Vice President of Operations, Business Development and Internet Marketing.

In the winter of 2010 he was recruited by MBF Health Care Partners, a prominent Equity Firm located in Coral Gables, Florida. While at MBF he was tasked with spearheading the strategic planning & development of their retail acquisition (, the first Hispanic retail pharmacy e Commerce site on the web.

As President of Lighthouse Internet Media he has personally consulted over 400 businesses, including major Internet Retailer 500 Companies, consumer product, sales and call center companies in the US.

Digital/Online Strengths & Expertise:
Pay Per Click Marketing (Paid Traffic)
Direct Response Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Affiliate Marketing
Media Buying
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web Development

Business Strengths:
Strategic Business Planning & Consulting
Business Processes & Systems Implementation
In depth Marketing Research & Analysis
Call Center Operations & Management
Efficiency Expertise
Risk Assessment & Management
Retail Management
Leadership & Development
Leadership Theory & Practice
Equity Management & Finance


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