Match Type Strategies for Your Adwords Campaign: Part 1


What Match Type Should I be Using?



A very common question asked of me on a regular basis by our clients. When starting your Adwords campaign, it can be very confusing as to what match types you should use when driving traffic. Not all match types are applicable and some match types are only useful during certain phases of your campaign. If you are not familiar with Match types in Google Adwords, I’ll use the official definition by Google provided below:

“Each keyword uses a matching option to help control which searches should trigger your ad to show. You can choose one or more matching options for a keyword. If you don’t specify a particular matching option, keywords are considered as broad match.”

So in essence, each Match Type allows you to open or constrict traffic on any keyword you may be bidding on in the Adwords Google platform.

Different Match Types 

Here’s a summary of the options I took from their Adwords support page:

Broad match allows your ad to show for searches on similar phrases and relevant variations, including synonyms, singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), related searches, and other relevant variations..
• Example: kittens
• Searches that can match: kittens, kitten photos, adopt a kitten

Broad match modifier allows your ad to show for searches that include your broad match keyword or close variations of your broad match keyword.
• Example: +adopt +kitten
• Searches that can match: adopt kitten, how to adopt a kitten, best kitten to adopt

Phrase match allows your ad to show only for searches that include the exact phrase, or close variations of that exact phrase, with additional words before or after.
• Example: “adopt a kitten”
• Searches that can match: adopt a kitten, adopt a kiten, how to adopt a kitten

Exact match allows your ad to show only for searches that use that exact phrase, or close variations of that exact phrase, and no other words.
• Example: [adopt a kitten]
• Search that can match: adopt a kitten, adopt a kiten

Negative match ensures that your ad doesn’t show for any search that includes that term.
• Example: -free
• Searches that won’t match: free kitten adoption, free kitten calendars, who wants to free the kittens

Disclaimer: Understanding the role of each Match Type is extremely important and a pro understands how to use them effectively and efficiently, if your not a professional, hire one, you are better off hiring an agency like ours or someone who does this full time and helps you avoid the costly mistakes and pitfalls! If your not going to hire someone and want to go at it alone, please read on.

Rule#1: Know the Rules! Invest the Time and Energy In Understanding What You Are About to Do!

Each Match Type can either harm you or help you depending on your strategy and current phase of your campaign. It never seems to amaze me how little people know about Match Types, especially someone who has never used Adwords. The worse part is typically the user is encouraged by Google and/or the automated suggestion tool to add numerous keywords, but is never really explained how Match Types can help them, therefore they create an automatic default process for the user which typically means they will be using the Broad Match Type and typically this doesn’t help nor does it explain to the user the financial repercussions of this decision!  Therefore my first tip/rule is: Know the Rules! You cant be successful if you don’t understand the rules.

In the next few articles, I will be expanding on these ideas, providing additional insight into how to strategize using Match Types!

If you need help or think that you need help regarding this new change or any other changes in paid traffic please contact us at or call us at 305-389 8955

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In 1996 he started a successful career with (IAC) Inter Active Corp/Interval International. During his 11 year career at IAC I held various responsibilities ranging from Operations, Customers Service to Managerial roles as a Divisional Manager for Hyatt & Marriott Resorts.

In 2006 he resigned from IAC and decided to co found ARC Media Consultants where he was Vice President of Operations, Business Development and Internet Marketing.

In the winter of 2010 he was recruited by MBF Health Care Partners, a prominent Equity Firm located in Coral Gables, Florida. While at MBF he was tasked with spearheading the strategic planning & development of their retail acquisition (, the first Hispanic retail pharmacy e Commerce site on the web.

As President of Lighthouse Internet Media he has personally consulted over 400 businesses, including major Internet Retailer 500 Companies, consumer product, sales and call center companies in the US.

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