The Adwords Conundrum

The Adwords Conundrum



If you’re a Merchant or a business seeking to win in the Adwords game or in the paid traffic game you should probably read this before investing in paid traffic.

Adwords or most forms of paid traffic all require a high level of expertise that most business owners and/or merchants very rarely possess. One big reason is they have almost purposely created an environment where they make it so difficult for you to succeed based on all the settings and parameters that anyone was not well-versed with their system is probably doomed to fail from the very beginning. One of the common things that I hear a lot about in my paid traffic consulting business are business owners that have taken thousands of dollars put them into their ad words or paid traffic account in the hopes of getting a positive return on their overall marketing spend. The reality is if you haven’t figured it out yet, Adwords and most paid traffic platforms have created such a complex system that unless you’re a seasoned professional and really know how to manage it and leverage it to your advantage, you probably will not be very successful.

The common misconception among business owners because they’re used to, conditioned and programmed to think that they must wear many different hats in order to be successful is that in the area of paid traffic or in the case of Google Adwords they too can learn and be effective at driving traffic on behalf of their own business. The truth is that’s not even possible without going through many dark valleys, wasted marketing spend and possibly sleepless nights trying to figure out what is going to work and what isn’t going to work. Most of the time by the time you realize what’s beginning to start working you’re either any personal gym in your business or maybe closing your doors and believe me I’m not exaggerating this point. Driving traffic requires a specialty and I know how and it requires a certain level of expertise and should only be done by a professional.

Please understand I’m not trying to be biased in this article, yes it happens to be that I am in the business and I consult for a living but I can’t even start to tell you that more often than not all the beliefs, assumptions and things that merchants and business owners have read online are probably either outdated or untrue. The bottom line is unless you’re really in the Paid traffic game and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to figure it out piece by piece and on your own you’re probably not going to be very successful.

Cost per click, impressions and CTR
Most merchants understand that impressions, CTR and cost per click or important metrics to measure but do merchants always understand how they correlate one with another and what metric is probably the most important to measure? Google dictates that CTR is the most important important measurement, as they should, they only get paid when they click on your ad, so of course they over emphasize this point, however we beg to differ. We found that it’s what happens before and after the click that counts and should be measured, after all if you don’t have a good foundation and you don’t set the right parameters you’re probably not going to get an effective CTR and if you do get an effective CTR but the other 50% of the work isn’t done correctly you’re not going to get conversions, sales or service inquiries to your business.

Hire A Professional

There are plenty of companies out there that can help you manage your paper click traffic and successfully manage your Adwords marketing campaigns for products and services that you currently solicit to others online. Even if you are a retailer or you are a professional in the law field or some industry where your services can be sold the reality is if you’re in the paid traffic game you need to know what you’re doing and if you don’t know what you’re doing you need to hire a professional or get out of the industry.

As an agency we have managed millions of dollars in Adwords spend which means that we have not only successfully helped out numerous clients in many different professions and industries but we’ve been able to see millions of dollars at work in the area of paid traffic and even more importantly successfully managed on behalf of our clients. In our field and industry we have helped hundreds of small to medium size businesses manage their paid traffic effectively and in a way that has made sense so they get the maximum ROI. In my business we promise our clients a minimum of three to a six time return on their paid traffic should they hire us out to manage their only campaigns.

If you were a business owner or a merchant and you’re seeking help or advice on how to truly manage your ad words campaign on line and successfully get the Return you deserve please consider contacting us 305-389-8955 or email us directly at

Wishing you much success

Emilio Yepez


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