Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Their Pay Per Click / Adwords Management Company Before Hiring Them: Part 1

Hey Business Manager/Owner/Digital Director,

You’ll never find the right Pay Per Click/Adwords management company in Miami or any other city for that matter that will successfully help you scale and manage your campaigns into profitability unless you ask these questions:

  1. How many clients do you currently manage? How many references can you provide that are both new and old that can vouch for you? Consider the level of clients and businesses they work with and the length of time. Time is the great equalizer and can prove their performance record!
  2. How much money do you currently manage for your clients? If it’s under 100K a month, run the other way!
  3. Can you guarantee profitability? If the answer is yes, ask them if they will consider a performance component in the deal! If so how much? If the agency promises anything over 3 to 6 times your money, run and run fast! If the agency will take the work based on performance like my PPC SUPERMAN friend Pat Grady, go for it! (this of course is not recommended for attorneys or lawyers as the Florida bar prohibits for agencies to work on performance or get bonused for leads and business generated)

Stay tuned for the next set of important questions!

Emilio Yepez
lighthouse Internet Media
Phone: 305 389 8955






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