Your Adwords and Paper Click Company in Miami

As an agency, over the years we’ve managed various Pay Per Click/Adwords campaigns and what we found to be true is that they all seem to be very complex and difficult to manage when you’re starting from scratch or don’t really understand Pay Per Click traffic. Every Internet marketer and every in-house director of marketing knows the perils, the headaches, the difficulties of effectively managing paper click campaigns and getting a true our ROI out of your campaigns and Adgroups.



Lighthouse Internet Media offers a very comprehensive Adwords strategy for clients who are looking to get a true ROI out of their campaigns. In Miami you have various choices, however because of our extensive experience and our depth of knowledge we feel that if you’re looking for a pay per click company in Miami you’ve come to the right place. 

 We offer all of our clients and customers a free consultation and evaluation of your campaign, we can even put together a formal strategy that includes a performance component to make any potential management fees and work that we may be doing together, a true win – win situation!

In your service,


Emilio Yepez
President of LHIM

Phone: 305 389 8955
Skype: emilioyepez






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