Pay Per Click Agency in Coral Gables


Looking for a Pay Per Click agency in Coral Gables? Lighthouse Internet Media has serviced various companies with their adwords and msn adcenter accounts. We managed millions of dollars in ad spend and we know how to offer an effective ROI.

We talk to clients and digital managers every day and we discuss their difficulties in finding the right strategy or the right approach as a relates to PPC management. We know how difficult it can be to understand and put together a solid strategy that is not only going to work but will allow you to scale overtime.

Our approach to PPC management and strategy is different due to a number of indicators and components we use in all of our pay per click strategies on behalf of our clients. We know how difficult it can be to find a true ROI as it relates to paper click management therefore we take a very comprehensive approach that starts with a very thorough strategic competitor report and incorporates every facet of your business from A-to-Z to ensure that our pay per click strategies support and offer value at every level of your organization. If you’re interested in receiving a free consultation re-evaluation of your adwords account we highly recommend that you contact us today at 305-389-8955!

In your service

Emilio Yepez

Lighthouse Internet media



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