22 Web 2.0 Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Many of you already know these terms, but maybe — just maybe — some of you don’t. In that case, because I don’t want you to feel like the new kid on the block, I am going to give you a web 2.0 marketing vocabulary cheat sheet. Read Here

Thanks to me, no one will ever have to know that you weren’t exactly sure what these words mean and why they are important.

And, the post will give you a pretty good idea of what is involved with marketing in today’s business world.

♦  The first four terms all mean “marketing you do on the internet.” Good news, right?


Digital marketing

Internet marketing

Online marketing

Web marketing

Maybe it’s totally obvious that digital/internet/online and web marketing are the same thing, but, then again, ten years ago these terms hadn’t even been invented. When you think of it that way, it makes sense to check in.

This next term is, in my opinion, closer to capturing what you and I, as solo-preneurs really need to accomplish in order to make our businesses flourish.

Integrated marketing communications: This is the practice of combining online and offline marketing and communications. It means making sure that your marketing efforts happen both online and off, and that all parts of your marketing plan work together as a whole. It could be called Holistic Marketing, but then you’d sound like you were from California.

This next term refers to marketing based on, you guessed it, the values of the company in question. I have tried to redefine the term to mean content marketing (see below) that is rooted in socially conscious entrepreneurship. Then again, I am from California.

Values-based marketing: Marketing that closely ties business strategy to the values of the company (think: Body Shop).

Content marketing: This form of marketing relies on producing written copy, images (including graphics) and video to offer value to potential clients and start a sales funnel.

Sales funnel: This is the structure of how your online offerings lead from free content to customer retention.

Social media marketing: Although social media marketing also requires content, this content is delivered on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It can also be considered a subset of content marketing because longer content, such as blog posts, is often promoted on social media platforms.

♦  Web Design & Content Strategy

Web design: I like to put web design on marketing lists because one thing not everyone understands is that a website is a marketing tool and web developers, ideally, either understand marketing or work closely with marketers in order to create, from the beginning, necessary sales funnel infrastructure including landing pages, free downloads, integration with email services like Mail Cheeping, search engine optimization and more. Read More



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