Facebook for Grownups- Are you Marketing with Social Media?

Still think Facebook is for kids and college students?   According to O’Reilly Media (2009), over half of all Facebook users are out of college, and their numbers are growing each year.  Why are so many adults getting on board?  Well, while younger people are using Facebook primarily for socializing, the older crowd is using Facebook to market their businesses.Read Here

Facebook offers several tools for business promotion, and there are also a number of apps available that give Facebook marketers even more options.   Facebook can create buzz and help you stay in touch with customers.  If you’re interested in getting started, here’s a basic tutorial:


Profile Page

This is where you create your business profile.  Enter information that will help people find you, based on what you want to promote.  This is a good place to tag your page so that both consumers and the search engines can find you, so make sure you choose the correct category.  Profile pages can generate a lot of page views, so make yours interesting!

Facebook Pages

Your Facebook Page is where you’ll post everything you want people to see- photos, news, videos, messages and any other information.  Establish your brand presence on your page, and customize it with Flash, apps and relevant content.  Anything you do here is broadcast to your fans, so they can get updates in real time.

Facebook Groups

Once you create your profile, you can build groups centered on people who share your interests. This creates awareness of your business and brand through conversations and interactions.  Users can’t become fans with this feature, but you can communicate in a more personal way with members by sending messages to their inboxes. Read More


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