How To Create Killer Headlines

Content creation isn’t’ just about the meat of what you’re writing. Consider the first thing the potential reader sees: the headline. Read Here

Think of it this way: if you open your Inbox and see an e-mail with a subject line that sounds cheesy and spammy, are you going to open it? Probably not. Similarly, when creating your content, don’t forget that your headline is one of the most important aspects of it. It is your very first opportunity to make a positive impression on your reader.


When you read the newspaper, you’re more likely to read the articles that catch your eye via the headline, and the same goes for any type of content — including (but not limited to) blog posts, e-mail blasts, pay-per-click ads, and every single page of your website.

Trial & Error: Track Your Headlines

When producing effective headlines, it takes a great deal of brainstorming — and often times, trial and error. For example, one way you can test out your headlines is to try different e-mail subject lines. By tracking how many opened your message and even clicked on what was inside, you can get a better idea of which headlines resonated with your audience and which didn’t.

Ultimately, using some sort of tracking method and even competitive analysis for your campaigns can help you to gauge the success of your headlines and content. You can also determine which headlines are the most successful by tracking how many readers you have on your blog, the number of clicks on your ads and visits to your website.

Keep Headlines Interesting & Relevant To Your Audience

You won’t be able to know what type of headline(s) to use until you truly know who your audience is and what they are looking for. By determining who your following is, you’ll be able to appropriately customize your headlines to your niche.

If your audience seems more interested in free shipping, place that in your headline. Discounts? Go for it. How-to guides… and the list goes on. Once you have a true understanding of the depths of your consumer and what they want out of your content, your headlines will be that much more likely to lead to success.Read More


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