Promote Your Product Quickly by Tapping the Internet’s Influencers


This article give us a better idea of how to use internet influences to promote your product. Read More


In 2009, when Jason Carignan and his partners launched the Vapur Anti-Bottle, they made a concerted PR effort to get exposure for the product from traditional media. And it worked. The Today show featured the Vapur, a reusable, foldable water pouch with a variety of spout options, and within 60 days the new company had sold out of its first production run of 10,000.

A nice success story to be sure, but Carignan’s true surprise came from the blogosphere–that raucous, untamable collection of independent influencers who write about stuff they love for audiences of several thousand, or even millions. One such influencer was The Grommet (formerly Daily Grommet), a Boston-based product-launch platform filled with unique, previously undiscovered offerings. “They produced a story about the Anti-Bottle, built a store for it, filled it with content and made it very personal,” Carignan says. “It wasn’t a simple, anonymous referral like you see on Amazon.”

Another influencer was a military- and tactical-gear site that raved about a new Vapur product, the MicroFilter, a heavy-duty drinking pouch topped by a filter straw that removes more than 99.9 percent of the bacteria from any water source. “We got orders from many top outdoor retailers that came through that blog reference,” Carignan says, adding that a MicroFilter even saw use on a South Pole expedition.

All along Carignan believed he had a product with a strong appeal to families and backpackers, but it took the blogosphere to show him just how much bigger and varied the market truly was. That’s no surprise to The Grommet founder Jules Pieri, who counts several mainstream successes among the various products her team has found and highlighted on her retail website (among them Food Should Taste Good, acquired by food giant General Mills in February 2012). Read More


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