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The Internet has transformed the world, revolutionizing the way we communicate, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we do business. As such, to relay one’s desired message, it has become imperative – if not necessary – to invest in an online presence and, through its use, draw attention to said message and market its branching opportunities.

In Florida resides a premier website design firm that specializes in creating website solutions for both start-up and established businesses, including website development, internet marketing, and search engine optimization – a less recognized but crucial task in flowering a presence on the Web. In Florida resides Lighthouse Internet Media.   They specialize in creative and innovative techniques in web design, development, and marketing that employ their team members in their specific niche to further the goal of quality and impact.

Specialization is key. Lighthouse Internet Media is not an all-in-one basement business that specializes only in fixing the bottom line. With its specific concentration on design, Lighthouse Internet Media brings an intensive focus and commitment to the vision of the client.  It is personalized service. Lighthouse Internet Media is always eager to educate themselves on the workings of each of their new projects, researching everything from target markets to brand recognition.

Working with a host of different types of clients, ranging from businesses (both large and small), Lighthouse Internet Media offers a certain credibility that their work and the client’s vision will mesh with synergy. That union brings with it the promise that the client’s business reflects on Lighthouse Internet Media’s  business, thus furthering the firm’s want for the client’s success.

To your success!

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Web Design Miami, Florida

The the world of business and the web continue to grow in importance.  It is no longer limited to informational and e-commerce sites.  It has developed to be much more than that.  Now every business needs a great site.  It could be a site that only keeps a brick and mortar store in the mind of a consumer, a vast e-commerce site, or even a large corporate site that controls the flow of internal information.  Which ever is needed, Lighthouse Internet Media has the experience to provide quality design.  Almost anyone can create “a” website, but it takes a company like Lighthouse Internet Media to make “the” web site the best represents your brand. We do this by treating every web site differently.  We add a personal touch and encourage the business owners to give as much input as possible.  This results in a more personalized and unique web site.

Unique sites are great but if they lack quality then they serve no purpose.  How does Lighthouse Internet Media ensure quality?  It is done by making sure the work is done in-house by people who specialize in particular fields.  The designers do just design.  They do not write content.  The writers write, they do not develop. They do the entire project and the results speak for themselves.

If this is not enough then the convincing needed can be found in their portfolio.  It is extensive and loaded with sites they have done.  The most notable thing is that each one is unique.  This is because they were all made with the customer in mind and a focus on their needs with input from the company itself.  This is what sets Lighthouse Internet Media apart and makes us the best in the business!

To your success!

Emilio Yepez 305 389 8955 emilio@lighthouseinternetmedia.com www.lighthouseinternetmedia.com

Affiliate Marketing Program Management Services

Affiliate Marketing Program Management Services

Why do you need affiliate marketing program management services? In order to operate an affiliate marketing program at optimal levels and reach all your financial goals, organization and effective, streamlined management, will be of great importance. An experienced affiliate marketing program management service, will provide you with the following techniques for growing your business:

1.  Service that’s personalized and designed to follow-up your affiliates and publishers
2.  Creating and implementing exiting sales contests and sweepstakes to motive affiliates and effectively promote your brand
3.  Weekly brain-storming sessions, tailor-made for your organization offering expert advice on how to improve programs
4.  Scouring our numerous affiliate accounts to find and recruit super-affiliates who can add even more value and expertise and increase sales quotas
5.  24 Hour phone, mail, IM, site chat affiliate support that encourages affiliates to contact us at any time of the day or night to discuss how to effectively serve and promote our clients
6. Providing a wide range of free tools for affiliates which include engaging content, the best-selling products, custom banners and more for every affiliate who joins your team
7. Continual website analysis so that every affiliate can improve the functionality of their site by improving traffic, both social and search, using fact based information
8. Providing cutting edge, social media strategies to affiliates so they gain an edge in marketing.

What Makes Our Company Different?

First, our many years of experiences benefit any organization in their efforts to improve their affiliate programs. We take action as soon as possible if any problems arise and are always in front of affiliates, reaching out to them to develop good working relationships. Our affiliate managers aren’t newcomers but have years of experience to draw on. They have advanced SEO knowledge, as well as up to date information on HTML, PPC management, social media, article marketing, link building, what’s hot and proven to work can mean all the difference in the world.

Our affiliate managers are informed and current. We provide a personal touch, there’s nothing worse that treating affiliates as if they don’t exist by giving them a few tools and then never contacting them again. We make it our business to develop good relationships with affiliates.

Our goal is to provide every single affiliate with all the resources and tools they need to succeed and to increase revenue. We do this continually and are proactive in everything we do. It doesn’t matter whether affiliates are new or have the needed experience, we’re with them every step of the way and have great free tools for the new affiliates on the block and for the seasoned professionals.  We aim to turn even the beginner into a pro.

How we work for our affiliates

We do a lot of the work needed to make the affiliates job easier. One of the affiliate program marketing management services we provide is the free content request tool. When affiliates need articles to promote, they don’t have to spend time trying to crank them out. We give them a head start that very few affiliate marketing management services provide. Affiliates can request the content they need, whether it’s a unique article, or merchant review, we provide both. We hire and keep on stand-by a selective base of USA writers, ready to craft articles free of charge. Plus, we don’t charge affiliates for this service. In fact, every tool and resource we provide is free for affiliates and certainly gives them a head start for effective marketing, which includes getting good search engine rankings from the quality search engine optimized articles we provide.

Our Free Site/Blog Building Tools

Another highly popular tool we provide for affiliates is our free site building tool. We believe that affiliate need to spend less time on trying to get website pages operating manually and more time putting out promotional content. Whatever we can do to save an affiliate time and extra frustration makes for a happy affiliate. Our niche website builder does a lot of the work creating a niche website in minutes. Affiliate websites come merchant specific banner ready and we’re always tweaking our niche site builder for improved functioning. All this is providing at no cost.

Always excellent new banners and engaging newsletters

We’re always improving our tools and resources for our affiliates and developing new banners and even better tools. Our banners are professional, designed for the very best, click-through rates. We also, on request, design have the ability to design banners free to match affiliates websites. We provide a banner request tool for this purpose. We offer landing page design and site design, also at no cost. We truly believe and have experienced this: good banner design improves click-through rates, so we’re always improving designs.

Daily Management of Affiliate Accounts

Motivation is important and we believe that constant contact with affiliates both motivates and increases sales. Through the years, we’ve learned that the quicker we respond to affiliates the better their performance. Affiliates should not have to wait and our affiliate managers respond quickly and daily. No one wants to wait all day to be approved and reviewed. Long wait times discourage affiliates from joining a program and they’ll move on to the next affiliate opportunity. So, our affiliate managers are aware of this and approve affiliates multiple times per day so they can start promoting immediately. We’re available nights, weekends, holiday’s and anytime, none of our affiliates will have complaints. For us 24/7 is the norm and no one gets left wondering how to solve a problem.

Value is what we believe in delivering at all times. We answers emails as rapidly as we can, including on nights and weekends. We’re used to frequent emails and calls coming in the middle of the night so we’re well prepared. Affiliate management is our expertise, through the years we’ve been the reasons why many organizations carried out successful and lucrative campaigns. Please call us immediately and let us know how we can help your organization move to the next level financially.

To your success!

Emilio Yepez 305 389 8955 emilio@lighthouseinternetmedia.com www.lighthouseinternetmedia.com




Web Design Miami, Florida

For those in Miami, if you are looking for a good website design company, Lighthouse Internet Media is at your service. They offer different online services and can help you out. A well-designed website with current features is important for businesses and individuals in today’s world. It establishes you online and is a place where people can go to learn more. With all that goes on in day-to-day activities, getting to designing the website can be difficult, confusing, and time-consuming. It is easier and can save a lot of stress to leave it to trained professionals. They understand the technical knowledge and can create a site that features everything you want and need on it.

Lighthouse Internet Media specializes in professional web design that is high quality and easy to navigate. If you go onto their website, you can browse through design samples and see which one would be the most visual appealing. Their team is smart, trained in niche areas, and have a process by which they deliver you the design you want. Their online portfolio shows the diverse amount of work they have done and the versatility of designs created. You get features such as search engine optimized, content management system, business class support, and a user-friendly design. These components are important for getting your name out there and good communication.

The company also prides itself on being a good business. Lighthouse Internet Media hard to deliver quality results. They believe in service that is personable and getting the right results. So to design your website, don’t fret over complex details or components that require specialized skills. Let the professionals at Lighthouse Internet Media handle it. They will work with your ideas and design a site that is both professional and informative while aesthetically appealing. Elevate your business to new heights with quality website design. Be the envy of others in Miami with a great online venue to show off information and features. You get everything you need with Lighthouse Internet Media.


To your success!

Emilio Yepez 305 389 8955 emilio@lighthouseinternetmedia.com www.lighthouseinternetmedia.com