Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management 

Do you have an image or a document on Google or Bing and you want to get rid of it?

I Am Embarassed

Online Reputation Management is very common these days and has become a necessary evil in the online space. We usually get a frantic call or a person concerned that a document or image was picked up by a website and is now indexed online for the world to see. The sad truth is that having something personal, be it an image or a document, on the web for the world to see is embarrassing and a harsh reminder of what the web has become.

Lighthouse Internet Media specializes in Online Reputation Management and can help you get rid of that document or picture from the 1st page of Google or Bing. In some circumstances legal intervention and our services may be necessary. Every case and situation is different and we usually advise a client that the minute they see something online that they don’t want “the world” to see, to call us immediately. One of the biggest reasons why you don’t want the image to float around on the web is because the longer its out there, the more likely the image may be picked up by other sites and if your not careful the image could become “permanent ink” on the web.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the unthinkable and needs help getting rid of a picture or document on Google or the web, call us today at 305 389 8955 or email us at