Pay Per Click Management Miami Florida

Welcome to the Complex World of Pay Per Click Marketing!

  • Are You Frustrated With Your PPC?
  • Are You Looking for a Better ROI?
  • Have You Dumped Endless Dollars Into Your PPC Account With Nothing in Return?
  • Is Your (CPC) Cost Per Click Skyrocketing and Your (CTR) Click Through Rate Crashing?
  • Maybe its Your Quality Score, You Just Cant Seem to Get it To Increase?

You Are Not Alone

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the quickest online mediums to drive serious sales and revenue for your business, but it is also one of the most expensive and complex forms of Internet Marketing. That’s why we recommend that before you dive into Pay Per Click marketing, you call a professional to help you navigate uncharted territory. Maybe you have already turned on a campaign and you are not seeing a positive result or ROI, DONT waste any more time and seek out the help of a professional! Its not going to get easier. You need a point a reference and you need to confirm your assumptions strategically so you avoid having to experience countless of dollars spent with no return.

Clients & Industries We Specialize In 

Lighthouse Internet Media has helped numerous businesses get off the ground the right way and help them generate thousands of leads and business opportunities through Pay Per Click marketing. Contact us today and find out how you exponentially increase your leads and business through Pay Per Click marketing. Our founder and President Emilio Yepez has helped and consulted over 250 different businesses. Some of those businesses were in the following sectors:

  • Online Retailers
  • Service Related Businesses
  • Travel businesses
  • Residential & Commercial Contractors
  • Insurance Businesses & Agents
  • Perfume and Fragrance Businesses
  • Retail and Pharmacy Businesses
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Electronic & Gaming Businesses
  • Food and Beverage Service Businesses
  • Warehouse Supplies
  • Online Retail Shoe Businesses

Dollars Managed Under Lighthouse Internet Media

Our founder and President has managed over $15 Million Dollars in Pay Per Click ad spend and has probably seen a great majority of scenarios, problems and issues with most PPC Accounts. We have helped numerous businesses generate Millions for their business the right way, the first time!

Don’t Wast Another Dollar? 

Why waste or spend your PPC Dollars into a campaign that you have no way of measuring or confirming your assumptions? Call us NOW at 305 389 8955 or email us at for a FREE One Hour Consultation. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed before you fail! Find out how you can leverage the power of Pay Per Click marketing to drive real sales and leads for your business.

Lighthouse Internet Media
PH: 305 389 8955
AIM: affiliateagle



Emilio Yepez is an e-commerce, online and Pay Per Click consultant located in Miami, Florida with over 16 years of operational and internet marketing experience. Emilio Yepez has worked with top Internet Retailer 500 companies and has generated Millions of Dollars in sales in both affiliate marketing programs while at ARC and ARC Media and ecommerce business development projects, like Recently, Emilio Yepez developed and managed the ecommerce site, the largest Hispanic Owned Pharmacy Chain in the US. Emilio is a highly sought speaker in the area of online marketing.


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