4 Mistakes New Business Owners Make: Part 2

In our last article I pointed out a mistake most new business owners make when they start their new business. Today I want to touch base on the #2 mistake I see most business owners make when they are ramping up their new business….drum roll please……..

#2 THEY Invest Too Much Money in the Wrong Things! 

If you have cash to burn and don’t care where your money goes stop reading! However if you want to pour into a new business the capital necessary to get it up and running and care about an ROI, don’t spend to much money on the aspects of your business that wont help you pull a recurring residual or acquire a new client. Yes you need a product, yes you need an accountant and yes you need business cards and marketing material, but none of those things will put money into your pocket until you either make a sale, make a transaction or have a contract signed. I’ve met all types of business owners with home grown businesses, ideas that originated in a garage, worked from home, worked the “4 hour” work week and made a ton of money because they knew how to market their product and sell their product. I have also met business owners that have spent countless of dollars up front in product research, opening a new office, new equipment and only to find that cant get the product to move out the door! Bottom line, unless someone uses your product or buys your product you have NO BUSINESS! You have an idea, a pipe dream, an unfulfilled vision, what have you! If you want to see you business grow and you want to see it move forward, put your money into SALES AND Online MARKETING!

Invest in a Consultant or Mentor! 

Sales and Marketing is what primes the pump, it keeps the juices flowing and what causes the business to move forward. If you own a business and you are not good at Marketing or Selling, you have options. Option One: Hire an agency like ours who will get you on the map and get your business the exposure it needs. Option Two: Learn to do it on your own! I do have one un-biased warning if you decide to go at it alone; if you have a limited budget, limited funds or don’t know how to sell, DON’T GO AT IT ALONE! In the very least get a mentor, hire a private consultant like me for a few hours a month, but get some kind of help. Getting this type of help will in the very least give you the advantage and expertise without the headaches. Experience can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!

I’ve met some very successful people in business who understood the underlying principles of Sales and Marketing, but also understood their limitations both physically and mentally. Your business deserves a shot and the difference between you and the next guy is that the guy you are competing with has either figured it out after pouring time and money down the toilet, or hired a company like ours to ensure the leads where there so they could generate a profit.

I am offering a FREE Consultation this month to anyone who needs help with getting their business off the ground. If you want more exposure  more leads and more clients, we can help. What you’ll find about our company is that we prefer performance based relationships and will even fund your venture over time with the promise of an ROI in the long term. We partner with business owners, we don’t entertain short term relationships! If you need help or advice, call me you’ll find our agency to be pretty knowledgeable when it relates to Online Marketing, Start Ups and producing an true ROI on behalf of our clients!

To your success!

Emilio Yepez
305 389 8955