Hire An Ecommerce Consultant…..Please

Good evening,

Over the weekend I received a call from a local start-up in Miami considering getting into an online business, primarily focusing on home decor and niche products online. After 30 minutes on the phone with this merchant, they expressed their immediate need for an e-commerce consultant based in Miami. Their main focus and urgency was to get someone to help them and get help fast.

Unfortunately, this merchant before contacting me for help, decided to research the web and seek out free help on blogs and forums, they opted to short cut their e-commerce business planning and poured almost 50K in Pay Per Click marketing into an Adwords Account, only to lose it all over a 90 day period of time. Needless to say, this merchant was in trouble and needed help fast, unfortunately after I spoke with them and explained that it would take them anywhere between 4-6 months for us to dig them out of their trouble, they decided to seek out another consultant. And the story repeats itself over and over…

There is No QUICK FIX, BUT there is a Fix!

As an e-commerce consultant I get these calls now and then and unfortunately, this type of urgent, “wave the magic stick” approach is nothing more than a fairytale. The truth is there is NO Quick fix when you get yourself these types of situations. Unless you decide to throw tons of money at the problem, which typically doesn’t work, you may not be able to turn things around very quickly.

The Good News: You can turn things around with the help of a seasoned e-commerce firm and begin recovering your losses and short cut your learning curve.


You can opt to “do it yourself” , experience sleepless nights, experience huge potential loses, unnecessary frustration and a financial pit so deep it will make your head spin. I hate to sound so matter of fact, but there really is a better way. As an e-commerce consultant in Miami I always recommend potential clients opt for the wise choice, pay to learn the business and hire a Miami based e-commerce firm like ours to help you navigate the uncharted territories of the online world.

Question: What are some benefits you can expect to receive?  

Pay as You go or Retain our Firm, its up to you!

By Hiring us you get the following:

1. Avoid costly mistakes an online novice will typically make
2. SAVE yourselves tons of money
3. FAST track your online business
4. Learn from someone whos been there and done it
5. Get Clarity and a realistic expectation for your online business
6. Finally, set yourself up for success and begin selling sooner, rather than later!

I dont want to sound like I am overselling our services, becuase I am not. Even if you dont contact us or hire us, hire someone. Get someone who has a proven record and get the help you need. Dont go at it alone. If you plan on spending a good amount of captial on the online business, get a feasability study, have someone like our firm put together a business plan and really get situated. Believe me, you’ll thank me later.

In your service,

Emilio Yepez
305 389 8955